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Seamless Gutters for Homes in Hickory, Claremont, Newton, Conover, Catawba, and Maiden North Carolina Communities


For the best gutterScreenshot 2016-10-10 15.00.17 performance, seamless gutters are the only choice for your home in Catawba. Seamless rain gutters are important to your home in the Hickory area to prevent leaks in your gutters. Our professional gutter installers have their own machines and will make your custom fitted seamless gutters on site. That’s right they will make your gutters on site customized to your home measurements and all considerations have been made.

Eliminating your chances of leaks from gutters that are not seamless.

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A leaking seam

This is important that your home gutters in Newton, Conover, Claremont and Hickory to keep leaks from happening in your rain gutters. If a gutter is not seamless and bought in standard 10 ft. sections have the potential to leak at every seam. That’s right if you are putting your gutters up DIY or not hiring a gutter professional with their own machine then you will a potential leak every 10 feet. For the areas of Hickory, Newton, Conover, and the Catawba areas the National Climatic Data Center (NOAA) reported that it rains and snows about one-third of the time. That’s over a 100 days a year your home could be at risk to leaks and water damage.

Wize Home Direct seamless gutters are backed by strong warranties that you can count on.

Unlike people you may never be able to get a hold of again, we back our products with strong gutter warranties. You can find us at our corporate offices and showroom located in Hickory, North Carolina. Wize Home Direct proudly installs seamless gutters to our Catawba neighbors in Hickory, Maiden, Claremont, Newton and Conover.

Wize Home Direct is a local business created by industry experts with over 50 years of combined experience in the Home Improvement Industry. Whether you live in Conover, Catawba, Newton, Hickory or surrounding areas we have certified installers and we work hard to make you happy with our seamless gutters, gutter protection, insulation, windows, entry doors, siding, and any other general contracting work.

In addition to our seamless rain gutters, we also have gutter protection for your home.