Fall is here are you sure that your old window and door units can handle the thermal change, consider getting replacements. 

windows in the fall


Why Window and Door Replacement

Before the changing seasons negatively influence your home’s comfort and efficiency, invest in newer, sturdier windows and doors from Wize Home Direct. These provide a great return on investment, saving you considerably in heating costs. Newer window and door units can prevent both air infiltration and leakage. These reduce the recurrence of drafts while making sure that warmth doesn’t escape your home. With this, you and your family can enjoy a comfortable indoor temperature this fall and even the entire year.

Replacement doors and windows also enhance curb appeal. Whether you choose a classy French patio door or picture windows that overlook the Pacific, you can exercise your creativity with diverse options in style and color.

Choosing Wize Home Direct Doors & Windows

When looking for quality replacement windows and doors, trust Wize Home Direct. We offer a wide selection of window styles that complement your home’s architectural style, including double-hung, picture, and casement. For your doors, choose our sliding glass doors or our rot free entry door system. 

We only use the highest quality materials in our products. Our composite entry doors combine the strength and durability of a composite door with the look and beauty of wood with the low maintenance features. Our replacement vinyl windows are also available with the look of wood and the ease of low maintenance vinyl. You can also customize your choice of glass, including High-Performance ™ Low-E4®, which filter off harmful UV rays, while still providing plenty of natural light. Together, these will maximize your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

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