Do you have some construction, changes, additions that need to be done in your home? If your answer is yes, then you probably can identify with the feelings of excitement mixed with some fears. Dread, concerns, overwhelmed could describe a lot of your feelings. We want you to feel excited and certain about hiring a contractor you can trust to take care of things exactly the way you want. Here are some helpful things to keep in mind when you are making these important decisions.

Understand What A General Contractor Should Do For You

  1. Estimate The Entire Project
  2. Coordinate All Aspects Of The Project
  3. Obtain Permits
  4. Review Plans Or Help You The With Design Of Your Plans
  5. Order and Ensure Delivery and Installation of All Products
  6. Take Care of Scheduling Inspections If Necessary
  7. Get Everything to Its Finished Stage & Cleaned Up 

Should You Consider DIY All or Parts Of Your Project?

  • Is the job small enough to truly handle yourself
  • Do you have any experience beyond watching HGTV or the DIY Channels?
  • Do you have the time to complete it? An honest answer to this question is especially critical if you want to work alongside a contractor to do parts of the project or pre do something for the project. Time and schedules are critical and you shouldn’t say you will get something done and drag your feet doing it. This can cause a lot of problems and best to avoid.
  • Are you equipped with everything needed to actually do the job, Don’t wait until your in the middle of something and realize you can’t complete it without some big, expensive, or out of reach equipment? 
  • Are you a great organizer, manager, quick study? You will either need to quickly understand how to do everything involved or be able to manage and coordinate others who you may need to hire to help get the work finished. 
  • Are you prepared to cover the financial risks? Things can go wrong, you may miscut, measure wrong, run into unexpected problems, or even have an accident while doing the project not even including the original cost.  You may start off thinking you can do everything yourself, but one mistake or unexpected problem can cost you as much or exceed the price of hiring a general contractor

Bottom line, if you are considering doing all or part of your project yourself make sure you are being realistic about your skill level, knowledge of the work, time, and finances. 

How To Choose A General Contractor

  1. Is it someone you know you can find and get a hold of during and after the project is completed. Chuck in a truck will most likely be cheaper but at what cost to you. We hear stories over and over about getting ripped off by a contractor that never completed the job or did it so poorly they have to pay to have it redone. 
  2. Check out reviews. Most internet savvy people will check out online reviews before purchasing a shirt or household item. You should also check out this for your general contractors. Keep in mind you can never please everyone and a good sign of real reviews will have a few negative ones sprinkled into a bunch of good reviews. If you can’t find any or only a few then ask them I am sure they will be able to give you a place to look or even an actual person to talk with. 
  3. Don’t get or expect over the phone estimates. A contractor should want to come to you, see your space and fully understand what you want to have completed. This will also help weed out unskilled low bidders, and unrealistic price points that later change and surprise you with a much bigger bill than expected. Unexpected things can come up but if they are too quick to give a verbal price, chances are it’s not going to be your actual price. 
  4. Do they have insurance and licenses if needed
  5. Get multiple bids. The general rule is 3 don’t go crazy and be overwhelmed with tons of quotes. Don’t go for just the lowest bidder you get what you pay for. 

Get A Contract 

  • Get everything in writing. Everything should be clearly stated.
  • Understand all the details and if anything is actually included or not included 
  • Understand your financial responsibilities even if it is financed.  

If you are in the North Carolina we would be happy to come to talk to you about your project, we have a license, a million dollar insurance policy, lots of great reviews, testimonials, and offer a free consultation and give you a written detailed quote good for 6 months. You can always get in touch with us at our Headquarters and showroom at 828-212-0580. We also have satilite locations from Asheville across to Greensboro.