Did you know you have two choices of Blown-In Insulation?

Yes, but want to know what the difference is between fiberglass and cellulose insulation?

Both are made primarily out of recycled materials.


Fiberglass is the most commonly used and of about 20 – 50 percent recycled glass and a type of sand for the rest. It does not settle and maintains its R-Value longer. It will not absorb water and is good for both thermal and acoustical purposes. It also comes in batts and rolls. Fiberglass is not good to breathe or get on your skin due to small glass slivers it is made from. This would only be a factor if you try to install it yourself.


Cellulose Insulation is made up of about 75 percent recycled newspaper that is treated with chemicals to reduce pests and make it more fire-resistant. It can absorb water and will settle about 20 percent. It is thicker and has a higher R-Value per inch but will also lose some of that as it settles.

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