“An assessment will show you problems that may, when corrected, save you significant amounts of money over time. You could save 5 to 30 percent on your energy bill by making efficiency upgrades identified in your home energy audit.” – U.S. Department of Energy

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The U. S Department Of Energy finds that the average, US Homeowner spends 50 percent of their homes overall bills for electricity; heating and cooling. That’s an average amount of $2000 being spent a year on electricity alone. Wouldn’t you want to know if you could spend any less on your energy bills? Or how could you spend that money more efficiently while being more comfortable in your home? An Energy Audit is the best way to get the answers to these questions and possibly more.

So what is an Energy Audit exactly?

An energy audit is an inspection survey and an analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in a home. An expert comes to your home and checks all the ways you may be losing energy. Did you know the Attic is typically the first or second main source of the location of your home’s largest heat and energy loss?

A poorly insulated attic can result in 25% heat loss in fall and winter—that’s 25 percent of your average heating costs going toward energy that won’t even heat your home.

where heat goes in your housemapping out heat loss in your house

So an Energy Audit is having an expert come check your attic for insulation and air leaks, your windows and doors, and other areas of your home to see how you could fix and reduce your utility bills. If you change things that line up with certain guidelines for places like Duke Energy in North Carolina and even the Department of Energy you may even qualify to get a rebate or tax discount. 

Energy Audits can cost upwards of $300, but at Wize Home Direct they are completely free. If you would like a more comfortable and energy-efficient home just give us a call to find out more. 828-212-0580.

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