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You can count on us to be your experts on vinyl siding and fiber cement siding. 

  • It has become very popular because it is durable, affordable and quick to install. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, vinyl siding is the most popular home exterior material in America.
  • The best choice if your number one concern is low maintenance. Vinyl siding does not require anything but to be washed off and is fade resistant. 

  • With Insulated Vinyl Siding (All Vinyl Siding does not come with the extra layer of insulation) It is the most energy efficient. 
  • Fiber cement planks are formed by combining wood pulp with Portland cement. As a result, the planks or individual shingles do an excellent job of mimicking the look of traditional wood siding.

  • It is also installed in much the same way as traditional lapboard or wood siding, as it is nailed directly to your home.
  • The best choice if your number one concern is a natural look without the expenses natural materials. It is also more durable than natural materials. 

We have convenient and affordable solutions for you when you need siding for your home.

Siding can give your home an instant facelift and valuable curb appeal that increases the value of your home. Beautiful siding is not just for looks either, it’s a line of defense protecting your home from weather damage and rotting wood. At Wize Home Direct we love making your home maintenance free and you can count on us to be your siding experts. We have dedicated technicians ready to install your new siding and guarantee your satisfaction.

Siding makes your home more maintenance free and saves you time and money from repainting an average of every 5 years. Siding can also save you money on your energy bills helping to insulate your home. We know every home is different, and every homeowner has different tastes, budgets, and needs. That’s why we offer a variety of siding options to meet all your needs.


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