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Replacement Window Contractors in Charlotte, NC

If you live in the bright and sunny city of Charlotte, North Carolina, you know the importance of having high-quality windows. Your windows connect you to beautiful views of Charlotte while maintaining energy efficiency in your home. That’s why it’s essential to invest in new windows when yours are old, damaged or in need of an upgrade.

At Wize Home Direct, we provide our customers with durable and stylish window installations at the most affordable costs. We have a wide selection of replacement windows for sale in Charlotte, NC, that you can customize to suit your style preferences. No matter what you choose, we’ll make sure you have the most positive experience with us.

We offer both vinyl and wood framed windows for your home.

Choose Your Materials and Style

When you call on us for replacement windows in Charlotte, we’ll give you the creative freedom to choose the materials and style that best reflect your vision. You’ll begin by selecting a vinyl or wood frame. Our vinyl windows are low-maintenance and durable, while our wood-framed windows offer a classic look with numerous colors and finishes. Regardless of your choice, your windows will feature a flawless installation and improved energy efficiency.


After you’ve picked out your materials, you can select a window style that brings the most flair to your home. We carry numerous modern window models, including:
Windows in Hickory, North Carolina

  • Bay windows: This style features a fixed center window flanked by two angled windows to bring the most natural light into your home.
  • Bow windows: This grand window style includes four to five tall window panels in an arched arrangement.
  • Casement windows: This model features convenient hinges that allow you to push your windows open to the right or left side.
  • Single-hung windows: This traditional style enables you to slide the bottom half of the window open or closed.
  • Double-hung windows: Double-hung windows are similar to single-hung, but allow you to slide both the top and bottom halves of the window open or closed.

Our Process and Service

When you invest in new windows, you want high-quality products and trustworthy services. The specialists at Wize Home Direct will help you feel confident in your purchase by working with you directly every step of the way. We aid in the window design process by helping you choose your materials and style. Then, we’ll stop by your home to install your windows efficiently for long-lasting performance.

We build windows to serve you for years to come. After installing them, we’re always happy to return to your home for continued service whenever you need it. If you ever require future installations, you can count on us as your trusted replacement window contractor in Charlotte, NC.


Bay Window

Bow Window

Casement Window

Single Hung Window

Double Hung Window


Hire Replacement Window Installers in Charlotte, NC

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable replacement window company in Charlotte, NC, Wize Home Direct is your solution. We offer the most convenient, affordable and dependable services while providing top-notch windows that have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Quality.

Get started with our services by contacting us online or by giving us a call at 828-212-0580 today!