Looking For Lasting Beauty To Be The Focal Point of Your Home ?

Our no-rot entry door system features lock-tight screws, and aluminum sill plate, and many other beneficial features for your home.

Composite Jamb & Brick Mold

For wood grain doors that are paintable and stainable.

Cellular PVC Jamb

For both steel and smooth finish fiberglass doors. Both jambs have QIon weather stripping for the best seal.

Sill Plate

Aluminum Sill Plate with composite reinforcement and adjustable threshold.

Lock Tight Screws

For decades of trouble free operation.

Door Frames

Door frames are notched and overlapped, Sealed with a 50 – year adhesive, and then frames are screwed together.

Heavy Duty Hinges

Ball bearing heavy duty four hole hinges for smooth operation. Unlike squeaky standard three screw hinges.


Sill weather stripping features two bulbs and four sweeps unlike the doors found in chain stores to keep the heat and the cold out.

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