Need A More Efficient Insulation With A Higher R-Value ?

Filling your attic with blown-in insulation will be a home improvement investment that pays you back.

Insulation Materials

You have two options of loose-fill insulation that can be blown into your home. Fiberglass is the most common choice and is highly energy efficient. Fiberglass is made out of often-recycled glass fibers. Fiberglass insulation is naturally fire retardant and safe. Cellulose is the other option of loose-fill insulation and is made out of recycled newspaper that is treated with a fire retardant.

Energy Saving Benefits

Blown-In Insulation is more efficient per inch then Batt Insulation. Filling your attic with Blown-In Insulation will be a home improvement investment that pays you back. That’s right the money you will save on your energy bills will make this investment one that pays for itself over time.

Blown-In Insulation Facts

Loose-fill insulation has up to 22% better performance than batt insulation of the same R-Value. This is because It creates a more airtight space than batt insulation and is better at noise reduction. A professional can install this type of insulation quickly, with no time away from your home.

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