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Batt & Rolled insulation is the most affordable type of

insulation and the fastest to install in your home.

Insulation Materials

If you’re unfamiliar with types of insulation Fiberglass Batt & Rolled Insulation is probably the one that looks most familiar to you even if you didn’t know the name. It’s long precut panels of insulation typically made out of Fiberglass. Batt Insulation can also be made out of cotton or Rockwool materials. One of our insulation experts can help you find out which type would best meet your home insulation needs.

Used Mostly For:

Batt & Rolled Insulation is versatile and used mostly for wall insulation. It’s precut strips fit between your homes studs and joists. Certain types of batt insulation such as Rockwool installed into your walls and ceilings can achieve the soundproofing needs.

Energy Saving Benefits

Fiberglass Batt Insulation is a great thermal insulation that helps lower monthly heating or cooling bills. Did you know that Studies show Batt Insulation can reduce the required energy it takes to heat a home as much as 50%.

Batt & Rolled Insulation Facts

Batt & Rolled Insulation is the fastest to install and most affordable type of insulation. A standard thickness is 6 inches thick of insulation will give you an R-19 Value. In order to reach an often desired R-38 Value, you will need 12 inches of thickness. Faced batt insulation refers to the paper or foil covering the sides. Unfaced is one or both sides without these coverings.

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