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We have insulation that not only keeps heat in during the winter

but also keeps heat out of your home in the summer.

Want to know how you can save money on energy bills and improve the comfort of your home? Did you know that according to the EPA 90% of US homes are under insulated? When you’re losing heat all over or even just from certain areas of your home you’re paying extra to reheat while staying colder. Not only is it frustrating it can be costly and raise your bills hundreds of dollars a month. Winter isn’t the only time insulation affects your bills. We have insulation that not only keeps heat in during the winter but also keeps heat out in the summer. We offer 4 different types of insulation that can be used separately or together for the biggest impact to you’re home.
When choosing insulation for your home it is important to understand about R-Value. The R stands for resistance to heat and it is how insulation is labeled and identified. The higher the R-Value the more effectively it is insulating your home. Different regions of the country have different recommended R-values by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), the model building code for the US. Western North Carolina Regin is recommended to have an R-Value of at least R-38. The R-Value can be measured by how many inches and what type of insulation you have.


Our convenient and affordable solutions are designed to allow you to enjoy the benefits of proper insulation in your home.

Adequate home insulation is the best way to ensure that you have maximum energy efficiency and comfort all year long. At Wize Home Direct, we are equipped to assist you whether you need new insulation installed at your home or you are looking for insulation replacement solutions that help you achieve a more comfortable living space in North Carolina. We offer convenient and affordable solutions, so you can enjoy the benefits that proper insulation has to offer.

At Wize Home Direct, we offer a number of services to meet your needs, including crawlspace insulation, wall insulation, attic insulation and insulation for your whole home. We can also provide air sealing services that will help you achieve the best results from your home improvement project. We have a variety of insulation types for you to choose from, including:   

We focus on making you the priority when you choose Wize Home Direct, and we’ll be happy to assist you with all your needs when it comes to insulation installation.

With reliable installers and our trustworthy team ready to assist you with your questions, you’ll find that working with us at Wize Home Direct makes all your home improvement projects easier. Contact us today to learn more about our insulation, windows, doors and more! We are committed to providing you with the best experience possible.

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