Do you ever feel your home just is uncomfortably hot, or maybe not evenly hot or cool? Are you tired of how high the A/C makes your energy bills but can’t live without it? New technology has created a way for copper installation to help even out your home’s temperatures, keep your home cooler in the summer and even warmer in the winter while also lowering your power bills! It is called Copperflect and it really can make your summer a lot better.

What does Copperflect Do?

Copperflect is an exclusive copper insulation that reflects infrared heat and has the ability to dramatically reduce heat loss in the winter and even more of the heat gain from the sun in the summertime. It uses an innovative technology that uses copper to make the most superior reflective in the business. It’s based on the same technology NASA used to keep the hottest part of the atmosphere, the thermosphere from disintegrating the space shuttles.

When you put it in your attic it dramatically reduces heat radiation from the sun and makes a dramatic impact on your energy bills. Most people don’t think about how hot your attic gets in the summer and gets up to 140 degrees F. You’re A/C has to work in overdrive to cool the heat from your attic from affecting your living areas. With a cooler attic not sending heat down into your living areas the A/C doesn’t have to work as hard and can lower the number of times it has to cycle on to keep you at your comfort level.  

Why Copper?

It’s easy to find Aluminum reflective for your attic. Aluminum is 97% reflective and one of the four natural metals with the highest infrared reflectivity along with Copper, Gold, and silver. With a quick look at that list, it is easy to figure out why Aluminum is the most popular because it’s the most affordable of the 4 metals to use. The problem is it’s the only one that is not a noble metal and will easily corrode after about two years with exposure to heat and humidity.  Copper is 98% reflective and is resistant to corrosion so once you have it installed you never have to worry about replacing it again. With new technologies, their is now an affordable way to have a superior product made out of 99% Copper.

Copperflect Radiant Barrier Meets:

– FTC R-value Requirements
– ASTM and NFPA Fire Standards
– ICC International Building Code
– ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes program
– Sigma Testing Methods backed with a
    Lifetime Limited Warranty

With all these benefits don’t you owe it to yourself to get a free quote for Copperflect?

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