Want to know what’s scarier than any ghost or goblin?

Finding out your home has a huge amount of unknown water damage that could cost you big time. When a roof leaks you can usually tell right away in your ceiling and probably do whatever it takes to fix your roof as soon as possible, right? While your roof is the first line of defense but did you know, gutters are your second line of defense against as much as 160 thousand gallons of rainfall?

When it comes to rain gutters, you might be telling yourself they can wait just a little while longer? Many people do while not realizing all the hidden water damage that could be building up for years.  Here are three stages of water damage and how much they cost to fix.

Stage 1 Cost =  $2000-$4000

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The first stage of water damage in most homes that need new gutters is rotten fascia boards. Fascia boards are wood directly behind your gutters. Bad gutters and rotted wood are why your gutters could appear sagging. Much worse is that it could be harboring mold, mosquitoes that carry diseases like West Nile or Zika Virus.

Stage 2 Cost = $6,000 –  $10,000


If the water is allowed to keep seeping into your home past your bad or clogged rain gutters, it will get deeper then the fascia boards into your eaves, soffits, and overhang or ceiling Joist.

Stage 3 Cost = Time to get a Home Equity Loan

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By the time your home has this much water damage, it has reached your walls and caused a considerable amount of repairs. The issues could already be affecting your foundation at this point, and the cost to fix enormous. The scary part is you might never know anything is wrong until it reaches this stage.


Don’t risk the cost, safety issues, and structural integrity of your home.

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