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Half Round Gutters In Hickory, NC

Looking for an elegant style of Gutters?

Half-round rain gutters are a low-maintenance option

for your home, and their rounded shape tends to make them

clog less often than K-Style gutters.

What is a Half Round Gutter?

An alternative to the popular aluminum K-style gutters is the classic look of a half round gutter system. Just like the name sounds the shape is in a half circle without the square edges of K-style.

Why Half Round Gutters is Hard to Find?

Have you had a hard time finding a professional to install half round gutters to your home? The popularity of K-style and the expense of the machine to create seamless half round gutters cause many gutter companies to not be able to offer this style. Half Round Gutters are heavier then K-Style and require a professional with a specialty in installing them. Wize Home Direct takes pride in having a Half Round Gutter machine and trained professionals that offer this service to Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina locations.

Historic Elegant Look

Half Round Gutter systems offer an elegant and historical look than the more modern K-Style gutters. Half Round Rain Gutters have been widely used in Europe and on historic homes. People often find them more stylish and fit their personal homes style or historic accuracy better then K-Style gutters.

Benefits of Half Round

The Half Round Rain Gutters are low maintenance, and their rounded shape tends to make them clog less often than K-Style Gutters. If your home has a European, elegant, or historic style to it nothing compares to the look of a Half Round Gutter System. You will find different color and material options to choose from to fit your home. Materials for Half Round Gutters include copper, aluminum, and galvanized coated metals.

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