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Copper Gutters In Hickory, NC

Want to make a bold statement? Restoring a Home?

Copper gutters require little maintenance and rarely dent, sag, or need to be replaced after being installed on your home.

Add A Pop of Wow

If aluminum gutters just won’t do for your high end or historic home we have just the solution for you. Add instant curb appeal and a pop of wow to your home with copper gutters. We have both K-Style and Half Round in the copper rain gutters to work with any style home. If you want the bright golden copper color to last, the copper gutters can be treated with a sealant. the beautiful choice while increasing the value of your home with seamless copper gutters.

Historical Renovation

If you are restoring a home or want a new one to look like it’s been around a century half round copper gutters is a must. They will look beautiful from the start but over the course of just a few years will develop the charm of a patina. The stunning, unique look happens through oxidation forming a classic greenish weathered look that many desire.

Benefits of Copper

Did you know copper gutters can last up to a century? Copper is a noble metal that does not rust or corrode and adds value to your home. Out of all gutter materials, copper is the most durable and will last the longest up to 100 years. Copper can handle extreme weather and seasons with out weakening.

Professionally Installed

Copper gutters require little maintenance and rarely dent, sag, or need to be replaced. A seamless gutter machine is used to avoid the potential leaks of seams and add the more desirable seamless look. With copper gutters downspouts and more are soldered on. All this requires the importance of a well trained professional installing your copper gutters and insure they remain securely attached to your home.

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