Gutter Protection

Say Goodbye to Blocked Gutters

Install professional-grade gutter protection in Hickory, NC

You need a gutter system on your Hickory, NC home that stays clear all year long. When you're tired of cleaning out your gutters, hire the professionals at Wize Home Direct to install a Master Flow or LeafLock system.

Master Flow gutters use a perforated filtration system that lets water come in while preventing leaves and pine needles from blocking the gutter. LeafLock gutters have a nose-forward design that stops debris from collecting within the gutters.

Contact us now to solve your gutter blockage issues once and for all.

LeafLock System

LeafLock System

Why should you get gutter protection?

There are so many good reasons to get brand-new gutter system protection installed on your home in Hickory, NC. Just a few perks of a Master Flow or LeafLock system include:

  • Keeping your gutters clear year-round
  • Letting rainwater flow through the holes into your gutters
  • Providing a low-profile solution that doesn't change the look of your home
Don't waste time or risk your health cleaning out the gutter anymore. Call today to schedule installation of gutter protectors for your home.