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All Your Gutter Protection Needs by Wize Home Direct

We have two options for gutter protection on your home:

The Master Flow Water Management System and Flex Guard Gutter Protection.

Tired of worrying about your clogged gutters each and every year?  It’s either a costly expense or a dangerous chore for you or your loved ones. Are you ready to enjoy your weekends and not have to worry about someone falling off a ladder?

Wize Home Direct has a solution for worry free gutters that gives you a more maintenance-free home. We have two options: Master Flow Water Management System and our Flex Guard Gutter Protection.

If you are looking for gutter protection for your home, then we have great options to meet your needs!


Gutter Protection in Hickory, North Carolina
If you hate climbing the ladder to clean out your gutters one or more times each year, then you may be looking for solutions that make your life easier. Not only do you need a gutter system that works well, but you also need a gutter protection solution that keeps you from having to work so hard to keep your gutters free and clear. At Wize Home Direct, we understand that you need solutions to make your home look its best and also provide protection against the elements. So, if you are looking for gutter protection for your home, we have great options to meet your needs!


At Wize Home Direct, we offer a full turnkey system that makes it convenient and affordable to install new gutters. With our factory-direct shopping and convenient financing options, we know you will find the solution that will work best for your specific needs. Our excellent gutter protection systems include:


  • Master Flow Water Management System 
  • Flex Guard Gutter Protection System

We are committed to providing you with reliable services and to making your home improvement process less stressful. We guarantee the quality of our materials and craftsmanship, so you can enjoy peace of mind that you’re making a great long-term investment with your new gutter protection system.


Contact us at Wize Home Direct to learn more about our gutter protection systems and to discover the benefits of our 0% financing! When you are looking for trustworthy, convenient and affordable home improvement solutions, you can rely on us for all your needs! 


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