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LeafLock Gutter Protection System, Hickory, NC Posted by Terenia Autrey April 21st, 2017

Doesn't Your Home Deserve the Best Gutter Protection?

There’s a reason why the LeafLock gutter protection system is the only one on the market in Hickory that gives you a no-clog guarantee.

Unique Design

LeafLock gutter protection is the world’s only gutter protection product that uses certified space technology. It’s made with a nose forward design to insure debris stay out and water goes into your gutters. LeafLock is made out of the strongest steel and can actually make your existing gutters stronger.

Out Performs Competition

We challenge you to compare LeafLock Gutter Protection to the competition it was made to replace. Most gutter protections on the market use some type of cheap aluminum or even plastic. Foam inserts quickly break down and give you additional problems with clogging your gutters with the debris. There’s a reason LeafLock is the only gutter protection on the market that gives you a no-clog guarantee. If you have to replace your gutter protection in a few years,are you really saving any money?

Recognized by NASA

You’ll love the reason why LeafLock is recognized by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation. They took the same idea that aircraft’s and spacecraft’s use to handle water at supersonic speeds and used it to make free-floating gutters that will keep you from ever having to worry about cleaning your gutters.

Dynamic Duo

Are you looking to eliminate gutters problems for life? Did you even think that was possible? At Wize Home Direct it is when you combine the truly unique and dynamic duo of LeafLock Gutter Protection with an upgrade of a SnapLock Gutter System. Both are the strongest and longest lasting gutter system and gutter protection on the market and by adding SnapLock your eliminating holes that could lead to water damage, mold and failing gutters. When you install SnapLock Gutter System and LeafLock Gutter protection together on your home you never have to think about your gutters again, GUARANTEED for no clogs!

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