Halloween is almost here and it’s not too late to do some fun DIY Halloween Decor around your house. Here is 5 fun, cheap, and the best part easy, projects.

  1. Zombie Pillows

All you need is a white pillowcase, eyes, medical gauze, tape or safety pin.  You can buy a cheap white pillow case and paint the eyes on or you can take an existing white pillow and use stickers or make your own eye stickers with a marker or print on some adhesive paper.   Then just secure your gauze in the back with tape or a safety pin and wrap it around the pillow except for the eyes. It’s that cheap and easy to make a cute accent pillow. 

2. Turn Your Door Into A Ghost, Frankenstein, or Monster

Just get creative with this one and easily turn your front door into something fun. If you have a white door you could have a ghost With two black eyes and a mouth. Frankenstein just needs some eyes from maybe two thrift store cake pans painted white and add some black and some tape. It’s easy just get creative!

3. Monster House

Have a covered entryway? Turn it into the mouth of a monster.

4. Black Birds

Want to add a just little classy but creepy touch to your fall front porch decor? Why not grab 2 tree branches attach some blackbirds and instant classy but creepy. 

5.Jack-o-lantern pole 


Get 3 – 5 cheap plastic jack-o-lanterns or even the cheap candy baskets. You can keep them just as they are or spray paint them.  Add them onto a pole you stick into the ground, pot or urn along with some lighting and have a great but creepy light.