Wize Home Direct is excited to announce that we now have six finance plan options available.


How does this affect you?

It means we have a plan to fit your situation and goals.  More options mean more choices for you to pick and choose your terms, payment size, payment length, interest-free options, or even delayed payments & interest for up to 18 months. 

We know that sometimes unexpected home improvement needs come up that might be hard to fit into your budget unexpectedly. We have low payment option for up to 144 months with low interest rates. We even have the unbelievable option of having no payments or interest for 18 months

Do you want the option to pay it all off in a reasonable amount of time without having to pay any extra in interest? We have not just one, but multiple no interest options. Wize Home Direct has options for all these scenarios and more so we are sure to help you find one that fits your situation, needs, and goals.

Wait that’s not all that has changed about our finance options. Our credit limits are now up to $65,000. This lets you turn a “nice” project into an amazing, “we love it!” project. Don’t wait the time is now to call see what option works for your long awaited projects or a can’t wait home improvement emergency by calling         828-212-0580 and talking to one of our project specialist. You can also take a look at our plans and even fill out an application to see if you qualify!