Are your gutters clogged? It may seem like a trivial question with all of the concerns of today. The reality is it’s important to your home and your family to keep clogs and buildup out of your gutters. Below are the 4 major dangers of having clogged gutters.

1. Water Damage –Build-up causes water issues that can lead to unseen damage that keeps building. Left unattended it grows into water damage behind the gutters and rots your fascia board. When left further it can reach further into your home until it reaches the walls.

water damage

2. Foundation Damage – Another problem can be running water that eventually damages your foundation.

foundation damage

3. Health Dangers – It can even cause health issues if stagnant water is gathering in your gutters attracting mosquitoes or a buildup of mold.

clogged gutters

4. Ladders Are Risky – With all those reasons to keep your gutters clean, it is also important to remember how dangerous it is to climb a latter and risk injuries. Did you know that 164,00 injuries and 300 deaths a year from falling off ladders? Have one less thing to worry about and get a free estimate for gutter covers. We have multiple options and the best gutter covers and gutter protection.

gutter cleaning ladder fall

Have peace of mind that your home is protected and you have a more maintenance-free home. Plus We Clean Your Gutters & Downspouts For Free With Every Install. Schedule Your Free, No-Obligation Estimate! 828-212-0580